Recreation and tourism
Because of its unique situation on the edge of the forests of the Veluwe and bordering on lake Veluwe, the municipality Nunspeet is an attractive recreational destination for day trippers and holidaymakers. There are various recreational possibilities. Hikers, cyclists, water sports enthusiasts, anglers and nature lovers come into their own.
The municipality Nunspeet has a large number of camp sites, holiday parks, hotels, group accommodations and recreational facilities. Every year the municipality has approximately 1.2 million nights spent by tourists.  
For tourist information, please visit
www.vvvnunspeet.nl (phone number: 0900-25 30 411)


Gemeente Nunspeet                                    Openingstijden gemeentehuis
Markt 1, Postbus 79                                          Op afspraak dagelijks van 08.30 tot 12.30 en op donderdag tot 20.00 uur
8070 AB  NUNSPEET                                           
Telefoonnummer: (0341) 25 99 11                    
E-mail: gemeente@nunspeet.nl